This week has marked Mental Health Awareness Week and unfortunately mental health issues are affecting around two thirds of the UK population. According to Mind Charity, work is the biggest cause of stress in our lives. 1 in 5 employees has a mental health problem. Read on to discover how businesses can tackle mental health:

Thanks to the high profile media coverage, in particularly from three members of the Royal Family, mental health is becoming more openly spoken about. Nonetheless, employees still fear to admit that they may need help for fear of judgement.

How Businesses Can Tackle Mental Health

The first step for any business is to understand the clear correlation between productivity and happy, motivated employees. Employees need to feel supported and encouraged to reach their potential. Many managers take the approach that their employee’s wellbeing is none of their business but this is not the case. An employee’s wellbeing affects their performance as well as the company’s top revenue figures.  

Educate Employees about Mental Health

Through regularly addressing mental health within the workplace, you will not only reduce the stigma but will also actively encourage employees to ensure their happiness is a priority. Working long hours to achieve KPIs may be a company success but it is not a sustainable lifestyle. Offer them free screening tools that can assess their wellbeing and introduce in-service training workshops. Find out your mental health score with this quick survey by the Mental Health Foundation.

Promote Wellness throughout the Business

Encourage your employees to have a healthy work/life balance and to take all of their vacation time. Promoting a healthy workplace will ultimately improve mental strength and build better working relationships. Offer incentives and activities such as a monthly team-building event or a cycle-to-work scheme thus reducing stress and boosting wellness within your firm.


We Look After People

Here at Portland Brown, we ensure that our employees feel valued and appreciated and can easily speak to us. Through creating a positive workplace environment, we actively look after one another. Our motto is “we look after people” and this is not only with our customers but all of our stakeholders. We recognise that our employees are the foundation of what has made our business consistently grow and improve. Here are just a few things we do to tackle mental health and create a happy workplace:

  • Offering regular social events to foster strong working relationships and encourage a healthy work/life balance. We have a fun-loving social committee team who organise events such as ToughMudder 10km or British Heart Foundation Cycle Challenge.
  • Insist employees to take their vacations and participate in charity events to give back and have a fulfilling working life.
  • Support employees to seek treatment and allow them the necessary time off to attend appointments and to take care of their mental wellbeing.


For further helpful tips and advice for employers and employees, take a look at two fantastic organisations: Mind and Time to Change