The positive benefits of yoga are undeniable; relieve tension of the neck, shoulder and lower back caused from sitting at a desk all day, improved posture, increase in productivity levels and the general well-being of employees.

We’ve been encouraging everyone in the office to take a moment to try out some desk-ercise, and you can find them below to try it too!


Seated Crescent Moon

Good for: A deep side stretch

  • Lift your arms overhead and stretch your fingers wides
  • Lead to one side, taking 2-3 deep breaths
  • Repeat on other side for another 2-3 deep breaths

Chair Pigeon Pose

Good for: Balance

  • While seated in your chair, both feet flat on the floor
  • Cross one leg over the other at a 90-degree angle.

Maintain equal weight distributed between the sitting bones while sat upright.

  • Hold for 5-10 breaths before switching sides to repeat

Seated Spinal Twist 

Good for: Spinal mobility

  • Turn to sit sideways in your chair with both feet flat on the floor
  • Twist your torso toward the left

(hold the back of the chair for a spinal twist)

  • Hold for 5-10 breaths, lengthening your spine as you inhale
  • Turn 180 degrees to stretch the other side & repeat.

Wrist & Finger Stretches

Good for: releasing built-up tension in fingers, hands & wrists

  • Circulate wrists inwards & outwards for 5-10 circles
  • Then apply downward pressure on each palm –

hold for 5-10 breaths