London house prices have been in the media spotlight for well over a decade and there are very few subjects that generate such consistent outrage and passion. There is a constant stream of articles, whether comparing the MPs' housing policy to that of a backwards Robin Hood who steals from the poor and gives to the rich, or the story of a fed-up MP who has taken to the Thames to escape the grip of the property bubble, the subject of London housing is never far from mind.

This buzz and panic is understandable.  No other city has seen such dramatic change, with the average price in the majority of London's boroughs doubling since 2000 - a mere 15 years!  In 2014 alone, the average London house saw a rise in price of 11%.

To better illustrate this information and present it in a more engaging and accessible format, we've created an interactive map that allows you to compare prices, both historically and geographically.  See how much your borough has increased in price since the 90s!