We try to visit all our apartments across the world so it’s probably no surprise that we spend a lot of time travelling. And we’re all about sharing here at Portland, so we thought we’d share some of the best travel tips we’ve picked up along the way.




Invest time in packing. A little bit of thought at this stage will save you a whole lot of stress during your trip. My top packing tips are:

  • Fold your shirts in dry cleaning bags to keep them wrinkle-free
  • Roll soft fabric items and fold stiffer fabrics
  • Don’t let your shoes dirty your clothes. Pack them in a shower cap
  • Always place your heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase so it rolls easier


I always make sure I take a printed and digital copy of my passport and Visas just in case something happens to them. A portable charger is also handy just in case your phone runs out of battery and there are no charging points around!

I’d also recommend bringing a second bank card which doesn’t charge you for cash withdrawals and card payments abroad. You’d be surprised how quickly these charges add up! There are loads of great options out there such as Monzo, which also gives you some useful tools to track your spend.



Take time to learn the local customs and language. Even though English is increasingly spoken across the world, people really do appreciate you making the effort. Travel is ultimately all about the people you meet and getting to know the local people will help you get the most out of any trip.

There are loads of resources you can use to help. Culture Smart does a great series of books on local customs and culture and, for people relocating abroad, Expatica provides some great tips on topics from healthcare to business culture.



Find the right place to stay. Moving around a city at rush hour can be difficult and you should think about how far you are from the office and whether you have good access to public transport if you're planning to use it. You should think about the character of the area. There's nothing worse than the noise of a busy street when you've got a 9 am meeting the next morning!

Luckily, we can help you to find that perfect apartment to make your stay a great one. Why not check out our Global page or get in touch to find out how we can help you?