Portland Brown has built a reputation for quality and service and we understand that you expect the same level of service wherever in the world you’re staying. That’s why, when we’re sourcing accommodation abroad, we take the time to get to know our suppliers. To do this we’ve developed a six-step process for all our suppliers:


1.  We choose the right suppliers

To make sure that all our suppliers are as passionate about service as we are, we invest time in making sure they share our values and our high standards of service.


2.  We agree on a shared approach

We work alongside our suppliers to agree on a common approach which is in line with our values and promotes trust and transparency. This ensures that we’re on the same page as our suppliers from day one.


3.  We visit the apartments

We wouldn’t let you stay anywhere we wouldn’t stay ourselves. That’s why we visit all our apartments to make sure they meet our stringent quality standards.


4.  We get the right agreement in place

We make sure that we have formal agreements with suppliers and ensure these go through the right legal channels. This ensures that we have the right protections in place for our guests.


5.  We start working together

Only once we know where we stand and have an agreement in place do we start working with our suppliers.


6.  Monitor monthly progress

We understand that quality checking shouldn’t end when the contract starts. That’s why we continue to monitor progress on a monthly basis and maintain regular communication with suppliers.