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Yet keeping up exercise and a healthy diet isn't that difficult, according to exercise physiologist, Dianne Sykes Scopes. Speaking to nytimes.com, she urges frequent business travellers to take a broader view of fitness, capitalising on the time they have at home to exercise. "If you achieve your goals at home, then you don't have to worry while you're away".

Nevertheless, she recommends packing running shoes and walking boots - in an upright wheeled suitcase, so as not to cause back strain.
Those spending several consecutive nights away might like to request business accommodation that offers access to in-house health clubs - even better if there's a spa to relax at afterwards. Many serviced apartment complexes offer such exclusive facilities to weary business travellers now, whether staying in the Capital or at serviced apartments in Bristol. 
Physical activity also provides other benefits aside from improving health, such as relieving stress and promoting restful sleep.
If calorie consumption is a worry, Sykes Scopes urges travellers to remember portion control, ftcustomfitness.blogspot.co.uk writes. The hand can be used as a guide: portions of meat should equate to no more than the palm of the hand, carbs should amount to around a handful and a serving of wine reach the same height as three fingers wrapped around the glass.