If you’re a fan of markets, London won’t leave you wanting. There really are plenty to choose from, regardless of if you’re after a dawn perusal of fresh fish, finding that special trinket or sampling the latest innovations in street food.

Below are the city’s eight most famous markets:


Borough Market


Nearest Station: London Bridge

Market Type: Food & Produce

One of London’s most historic markets, in 2014 it celebrated its 1,000th year. Open Thursday to Saturday, for retail and early every weekday morning for wholesale. This market is renowned for the quality of food and produce sold. Standards are upheld by a group of independent experts who ensure taste, provenance and quality is up to a standard.

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Columbia Road Flower Market


Nearest Station: Hoxton Overground

Market Type: Flowers

Dating back to the Victorian era, this flower market operates every Sunday. This is a highlight of the London market scene, bringing bursts of colour and sweet scents to all who visit it.  Traders set up at 4am and tend to start winding down by about lunch time, but it’s well worth the early Sunday start this market demands.

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Brick Lane Market


Nearest Station: Shoreditch High Street

Market Type: Flea

Traders first set up their stalls in the 17th Century on Sunday mornings, due to the religious observances of the area’s large Jewish community. It is one of the larger markets in the capital, famed for selling a bit of absolutely everything. The market is actually a collection of lots of smaller market areas, the recent gentrification of the area has seen the quality and price of some stalls explode.

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Smithfield Market


Nearest Station: Farringdon

Market Type: Meat

A livestock market has sat in this location for over 800 years. Since the Victorian era it has become a meat and poultry market. Supplying butchers, restaurants and shops in the capital, means its operating hours are 4am to midday, Monday to Friday. If you intend to visit, the best time of day to go is around 7am, which is when it is at its height of activity.

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Billingsgate Market


Nearest Station: Poplar DLR

Market Type: Fresh fish

The market once sat in the City of London, but moved to its current location in 1982. Roughly 25,000 tones of fish are sold through its merchants each year. Open from 4am until 8am Tuesday to Friday, it primarily serves the trade of London and the Home Counties. Members of the public are welcome to explore and purchase fish.

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Old Spitalfields Market


Nearest Station: Liverpool Street Station

Market Type: High end flea market

The main market days are Thursday through Sunday, but stalls are open every day. Being undercover is a definite advantage for this market and it is decidedly more high end than say Brick Lane. A fine array of eateries can be found lining the edges of the market so if your energies dip you can always find a spot to recalibrate and re-energise.

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Portobello Road Market


Nearest Station: Notting Hill Gate

Market Type: Antiques, Food and Vintage Clothing

The market runs every day of the week. Dependent on the section of the market you go to there will be different items up for sale. For example, the southern end of the road is purely antiques, whilst Golborn Road end offers more food and bric-a-brac. The market has been selling mainly antiques since the ‘50s, and now offers one of the most varied market experiences in London.

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