It's a Thriving International City

Sandwiched right in the heart of Western Europe, Luxembourg is a true European hub. The country is a magnet for European institutions and top financial firms so it might come as no surprise that Luxembourgers have the 4th highest incomes in the world.

It’s also extremely international. Because of its central location, other hubs like London, Paris and Frankfurt are just an hour’s flight away and 60% of the people in Luxembourg City are foreigners, making it an ideal location for expats.


The Lifestyle

Even though it’s grown into a major hub, Luxembourg has managed to preserve a more relaxed pace of life. Luxembourg City is known for being quieter and cleaner than other European capitals, its rich cultural scene and its high quality of life. Need proof? Look no further than its consistent high life satisfaction scores or even its ranking as the safest city in the world in 2019.


The Food and Drink

Luxembourgers love their food and drink. In fact, Luxembourg City has 12 Michelin starred restaurants, more per person than any other city in the world! You could take in the opulence of La Cristallerie, with its gold leaf and stained glass windows or, for something more relaxed, you could enjoy the calm atmosphere and hearty food at La Langue Sourit (which literally means “my tongue is smiling”!).


There’s Loads to See and Do

Luxembourg is rich in culture and history so you’ll never be short of something to do on the weekend. No visit to Luxembourg is complete without visiting one of the country’s stunning castles. It’s got more than 50 to choose from, including Vianden, a stunning 11th-century gothic castle perched on the top of a mountain.

If you’d rather take in some natural beauty, Luxembourg has plenty of that too. The Luxembourg Ardennes are less than an hour’s drive from Luxembourg City. The area is packed with dense forests, picturesque villages and stunning gorges.