A truly connected business person doesn’t balk at the idea of constant travel, but embraces globetrotting as a chance to engage with international partners whilst experiencing new cultures. Whether it’s long haul, short haul or just a metro journey in an unknown capital, there is no excuse not to travel smart in 2015.

Some of the best timesaving techniques may be right under your nose, but rather than frantically Googling between meetings, this short guide will give you all the tips you need for cost-effective, comfortable travel.

Everyone has their idiosyncrasies, so we’ve put together a guide that will appeal to VPs, MDs, startup kids and board members. We recommend these to anyone staying in any of our London serviced apartments.


Emirates Chaffeur Drive

A truly premium perk, Emirates offers a complementary driver service to taxi you from your home to the airport and then to your final destination. Your comfort is ensured for every step of your trip, and you can avoid worrying about timetable variables and deciphering cryptic bus stop schedules.


Via Emirates

Luxurious and convenient, there’s nothing not to like. The service is available across 70 cities and you can book 48 hours before your flight so there’s time to relax the night before a long trip.


Google Now Travel Cards

Google’s predictive service can be mildly distracting in meetings, however, it’s a fantastic travel tool when you’re on the move with your hands full. Now will pick up your hotel bookings from your email inbox, whilst giving you real-time flight information and local recommendations on the best places to eat and sightsee.

It even picks up nearby bus timetables and conveniently places them in a vertical feed that you can access in a single swipe. Futuristic and fundamental for any 21st century business traveller.

Now is built into Android by default and available on iOS via the official Google app. You can download it here.


BA Amex Avios Card

What’s worse than a mountain of expense receipts that need to be declared on a Sunday night? Not getting free flights for all your hard work.

If you’re a frequent business traveler, the chances are there will be dinners, taxis and hotels to pay for. Thriftier professionals should sign up for an Avios credit card that accumulates air miles with every payment.




The BA Amex variety is particularly sensible as it doesn’t charge an annual fee for use, so you don’t have to worry about constant payments for fear of not getting your money’s worth. In short, it’s a great way to earn free trips for you and your friends by making everyday payments with the card.


Miles and More

As Europe’s most popular frequent-flyer programme, Miles and More stands out from other loyalty schemes thanks to its array of high-profile partners and offers. The points you earn from travelling can go towards car rentals, hotels or even extra baggage allowances if you’re a heavy packer.

Another advantage is that you accumulate miles by flying with any Star Alliance member, so you’re not limited to one airline when planning your trip. Add in access to first class airport lounges and you’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up earlier.


Bose QC25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

US audio specialists Bose have a long history of producing outstanding hi-fi, headphones and PA systems, and their latest flagship headphones continue this trend. The stylish QuietComfort 25s are wireless and incredibly comfortable for extended use on long journeys.

Their noise cancelling technology cuts out the low rumbling of engines so you don’t have to crank up the volume to enjoy music and films. You can even use them as luxury earmuffs to soundproof your surroundings when resting en route.


Three Feel at Home SIM Card


Via Ethos & Values

Calling family and friends from abroad can be painfully expensive. Luckily, Three’s Feel at Home feature allows you to use your phone as if you were in the UK at no extra cost. Gone are the days of dreaded roaming charges. 

Simply order a free Three SIM, top up and activate one of their add ons (unlimited data recommended!). Feel at Home works in most popular destinations such as the US, Australia, France, Italy and Spain.

Anyone hopping between countries will love this feature as it seamlessly keeps you connected for all your social, geographical and organizational needs, saving time and money on foreign SIMs and top ups.


Any other tips for business travelers? Let us know via social media and please do share.